inMotion Team Members Win OIFF 72-Hour Film Challenge

“Encore,” an original film written, shot, and edited by inMotion team members Robin Léveillé and Jonathan Kischel with Valerie St. Arnaud and Cierra Campeau, walked away with first place from the Ottawa International Film Festival’s annual 72-hour film challenge.

The award was announced during an evening gala at the Lieutenant’s Pump on Thursday, February 16th.

Jonathan and Robin recently sat down to describe their experience, and what it took (besides caffeine) to win such a tough competition.

MF: Tell me about how this challenge works.
JK: All the teams had 72 hours in which to shoot a short film following very specific rules. The theme of the film had to be “Time to Celebrate,” and we needed a character to say “Damn right, your dad drank it,” while clearly showing a bottle of Canadian Club on the screen. We also had to make a reference to Parktown Productions, shoot the final scene in front of the Lieutenant’s Pump, and use two of the five prescribed music tracks.

MF: How did you come up with such a simple, compelling story so quickly under those constraints?
RL: The original concept came from our teammate Cierra Campeau. There was not much to it, so we just used it as a base from which to work. Our team gelled perfectly, and no idea went undiscussed. It was an amazing team effort.

MF: You must have needed a lot of gear to get it done.
RL: Thanks to inMotion and its production services company, Accent PS, we were able to shoot the whole thing using an ARRI Alexa digital cinema camera.
JK: There was a Hollywood film shooting in Ottawa at the same time which had rented quite a lot of Accent’s gear, so we used the Alexa with hardly any bells and whistles. Still, we think it created the perfect look for our story.

MF: How did you manage to get everything done in such a short timeframe?
JK: We just went ahead and started shooting with a small idea, not even knowing how we were going to end the film. We started on Thursday, and it was due Sunday. We had no time to waste so we just kept going. On Saturday evening we just had epiphany after epiphany about how we were going to tell the story and, more importantly, how we were going to finish it.
RL: We finished shooting late Saturday night, had a couple of hours of sleep, woke up Sunday, and edited all day. We didn’t record sound while we were shooting, so on Sunday Val, Cierra, and Jon went out to a parking lot to record the noise of high heels and a shopping cart being pushed around.

MF: It’s amazing how well it all came together. Congrats on such a great piece, guys!
RL: Thanks. It’s been a great experience.
JK: If people would like to know more, they can listen to our CBC radio interview, recorded the morning after the competition.