Recent Work

Recent Work

As the second wave of COVID-19 loomed, inMotion developed this ongoing national digital recruitment campaign that brought together hospitals and other major healthcare employers in the Ottawa region.

As of mid-July 2021, the campaign has generated 25 million impressions, 166,722 ad clicks, 100,642 site visitors and 1,074 subscriptions to a newsletter featuring recent job postings—and several hundred new hires from outside the region.
A picture of a female medical personnel smiling wearing a green scrub with a stethoscope around neck
A flyer with a female health worker smiling . The information reads ''1000+ Healthcare Careers Available in Ottawa. One of North America's top 3 cities for quality of life
A picture of a smiling male health worker in blue scrub holding his chin with a stethoscope around his neck. The flyer has the incription ''1000+ Healthcare Careers Available in Ottawa.

Next up: Phase 2, for which inMotion has created a single job board for 24 employers and more than a thousand jobs.

A logo of the Ottawa-Carleton District school board in Magenta

Adjusting to COVID at warp speed

In the late summer of 2020, Ottawa-Carleton District School Board chose inMotion to communicate to parents what a COVID year would look like—and to do it very quickly, despite constantly changing direction from the province. Within a few weeks inMotion developed a concept (“It takes a community”), produced three videos and created signs for all 142 schools in the OCDSB.

A flyer of Ottawa Carleton School Board District on a greyish-baby green background. In the picture is a little girl in a white shirt with a pink pencil. the flyer has the message" It takes a community to keep our kids safe. Back to school 2020.
A flyer of the Ottawa-Carleton School Board with A picture of a young boy smiling. The message reads" It takes a community to make everyone count. Back to school 2020

Next up: a campaign to encourage parents to sign up their children for kindergarten and high school in the fall.

A logo of Canadian Electricity Association. The logo is is a small letter 'e' written boldly written and inscribed in a deep blue circle with a lemon green dot separating the circle

130 years of powering Canada’s growth

The Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) represents Canadian electricity utilities and companies that provide products and services to the electricity sector. Since 1891, CEA members have been transforming every aspect of Canadians’ lives—our jobs, our homes, our cities. To mark CEA’s 130th anniversary, inMotion produced this inspiring video about its remarkable past and even more remarkable future.

Next up: inMotion is producing material for CEA’s Board meeting, including two videos featuring experts speaking on the state of the electricity industry.

A blue banner image with the inscription " African Swine in white

The great website we hope you never see

African swine fever (ASF) is harmless to humans and there has never been a case in Canada, thanks to strict safety protocols. If it ever is introduced into Canada, this website will be ready to allay consumers’ concerns with all the facts.

The site is a collaboration between three industry associations: Canada Pork, the market intelligence and promotional organization for the Canadian pork industry; the Canadian Pork Council, the national voice for hog producers in Canada; and the Canadian Meat Council, which advocates on behalf of Canadian meat packers and processors.

A picture of piglets

Next up: To support the site, inMotion is producing two animated videos on the measures being taken to protect Canada’s pork industry from ASF.

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inMotion Studio – Film Studio Rental Space in Ottawa

Our new film studio space
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Cyclorama lit with Aputure Nova P300C
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Make up
Green room included

Additional grip equipment available for rent
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Full Day

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  • Dressing Room
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  • Dressing Room
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Studio Location

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