Your brand is a living breathing thing.
Feed it big ideas to keep it in motion.

About Us

Hello. We’re InMotion. An independent, creatively driven, digital, branding agency located in beautiful Ottawa, Canada. Since 1979, we’ve worked with B2C and B2B brands, including government associations. While the work may be different, the goal is always the same: breathe life into our clients’ brand with big, emotionally driven ideas that deliver real ROI.

Whether you need a brand built from scratch, a brand refresh, a website, a digital campaign, videos, TV spots, membership help, or a new logo, we’d love to hear from you, partner up, and make something great.

Our Capabilities

Research & Brand Positioning

Creative Campaigns

Design and Visual Identity

Video & TV Production

Digital & Social Media campaigns 

Logo development 

Website design and build

Print, OOH, Radio