Your brand is a living breathing thing.

Feed it big ideas to keep it in motion.

No hockey brand had ever created a campaign specifically geared towards women. With zero paid media this campaign went viral on a global scale generating millions of views and thousands of conversations, all while building the brand and boosting sales.

The Egg Farmers of Canada do much more than help feed Canadians. The organization does everything from using eggshells to culture human bone for transplanting, to improving on-farm productivity. You have to see it, to believe.


women’s campaign


innovations at work

Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario asked us to create a recruitment video for them. While their technology and innovation are impressive, we made sure to also focus on the human aspect of the hospital and why that is so unique and important to them.

We were thrilled and honored when AMPSURF, a non-profit dedicated to helping amputee veterans through surfing, asked us to build their brand from scratch and create an awareness campaign to raise funds.





Bauer's Vapor 1X Lite was their lightest stick, ever. It was something Bauer had never done before. So, we marketed the stick in a way that had never been done before.

The Toronto Zoo needed an explainer video to tell the story of their unique, polar bear research. We were thrilled to spend a day at the zoo with these amazing, beautiful animals.


vapor 1x lite launch

the toronto zoo